Polymer Clay Necklaces

I started playing with polymer clay a couple years ago, after Stumbling Upon a tutorial for some super cute apostrophe earrings. The earrings worked out pretty well (sadly can’t find the tutorial now) but most of my experiments since have been… well… not great. Until now! I’m really happy with these polymer clay necklaces, especially the infinity symbol one. All in all, I’m calling this clay adventure a success.

PolymerClay Necklaces

You’ll need…

  • Polymer clay in two colours — I  used Fimo clay in light and dark blue
  • A knife
  • Baking/parchment paper to work on
  • Small cookie cutters
  • Toothpick
  • Nail buffer
  • Jewellery cord

Getting started…

Spread out your baking or parchment paper over your surface. Use your knife (or fancy clay cutting tool if you have one) to cut off one piece of each colour of clay. Fimo clay has scoring on the back dividing the clay up into columns, and I used half of one column of each colour for each necklace. Start by working each piece of clay in your hands until it’s soft and pliable and easy to work with. Then, roll each piece into a snake.

Polymer Clay Necklaces step 1

Polymer Clay Necklaces step 2

Twist the two snakes together, and continue to work the clay in your hands — but not too much! You want to be able to clearly see the marbling in the finished product, and if you blend the clay too much, you’ll just end up with a new shade of blue.

Polymer Clay Necklaces step 3

Infinity Symbol Necklace

When you’re happy with the blend, roll the clay into a new snake, about 10cm/4 inches long. Cut the ends of the clay snake on opposite diagonals, so they fit well together when you bring them together into a loop.

Polymer Clay Necklaces step 4

Bring the two ends together to make a loop/circle, and carefully use your fingers to press them together. Then, take the handle of your knife and press it down on the join to make a small indent. Then, carefully twist the clay loop so that the top layer is resting in the little indent you’ve created for it. This also covers your join, which may not be very pretty.

Polymer Clay Necklaces step 5

Polymer Clay Necklaces step 6

Polymer Clay Necklaces step 7

Butterfly Necklace

While two of the photos below are actually of a heart, but this is how I did the butterfly in the photo. (This is also evidence of how if you work the clay too much after mixing the colours, you end up with a less effective marbling look.)

When you’re happy with your blend, use your hand to flatten out the clay. Put a piece of your parchment paper over the clay and rub your finger over it to smooth out any finger/palm prints, then remove the parchment paper and stamp out your shape with the cutter.

Take your toothpick and carefully twist it through the clay where you want your holes for the cord to be.

Polymer Clay Necklace step 8

Polymer Clay Necklace step 9

Polymer Clay Necklace step 10


Bake according to the package instructions. For the Fimo, that’s 30 minutes at 110C or 230F. When your clay creations are done, take them out of the oven and give them some time to cool. Then, use your nail buffer the same way you would on your nails to ‘sand’ out any imperfections in your clay and make it nice and shiny. Be careful not to press too hard on any delicate bits — you don’t want to break anything!

Polymer Clay Necklace step 11

Now it’s time to add the cord. For the infinity necklace, thread the cord through one loop, under the cross/join in the clay, and back up through the second loop. Tie one basic knot (pic 13), then holding both strands of cord together, tie a second knot (pic14), making sure it sits as close as possible to the clay when you pull it tight. For the butterfly, thread the cord from back to front, across and into the second hole and through to the back again. Then finish it the same way as the infinity.

Polymer Clay Necklace step 12

Polymer Clay Necklace step 13

Polymer Clay Necklace step 14

I didn’t have any clasps, so I finished the necklaces off using the knot tying technique shown in this video tutorial from 2:25.

And that’s it! Make the cord as long or short as you want, or swap it out for ribbon. You can do whatever shape, colour or size appeals to you — there are so many possibilities. Have fun!

Polymer Clay Necklaces by The Crafty Feminst


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