Crochet Doily Wall Hanging

It's been almost 18 months since we moved into our new apartment, but the walls are still pretty bare. This project is part of my effort to remedy that. Essentially it's three doilies, beaded and done in rainbow-coloured thread instead of white, that have been stiffened, strung together and hung on the wall. I used a larger thread… Continue reading Crochet Doily Wall Hanging


Lammily Doll Hat and Scarf Crochet Patterns

My Lammily doll arrived this week, and she's wonderful. I feel like the photos don't do her justice – you don't actually realize how different she is from other dolls until you're holding her in your hands. I'm ridiculously happy with her, but there is one small problem... What she's wearing isn't exactly weather appropriate… Continue reading Lammily Doll Hat and Scarf Crochet Patterns